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Canadian Motivel Inc is a fully authorized 3M Abrasive and Scotch Brite distributor, but we also carry a variety of high quality problem solving safety products. We are prepared to offer demonstrations and advice. Find below some areas of interest and contact us at your convenience for any further assistance you may require.

Dual Lock Fasteners

3M's reclosable fastener solutions offer alternatives to snap caps and fastener heads for clean lines and sleek profiles. A secure attachment that can be opened and closed 5000+ times, Scothchmate fasteners are available in adhesive or plain backed. Die cut parts or rolls.

Bump On protective products

Bump On protective products are self-sticking polyurethane bumpers that serve as high performance cushioners, feet, spacers and protectors. The polyurethane material wont crack, dry out or scratch surfaces.

Safety Walk Traction Control

3M Safety Walk provides traction control throughout the factory environment and on durable equipment. Safety is provided with a non-slip environment. Available in a variety of colours and grades.

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