Press Paper

Transformer Diamond Dotted Presspaper, a premium-grade insulating material engineered to elevate the performance and reliability of transformers. Crafted from high-quality cellulose fibers sourced from long-fiber softwoods, this specialized presspaper undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process, culminating in a resilient and durable product. The diamond pattern applied to one or both sides of the material. This pattern, achieved through a proprietary process, enhances mechanical strength and dielectric properties, making it ideal for use in transformers subjected to high electrical stresses. Whether used as layer insulation, end winding insulation, or coil insulation, our Diamond Dotted Presspaper ensures exceptional insulation integrity, thermal stability, and dielectric strength.

  • 0.005" to 0.015" in stock
  • Slit to length
  • slit to width
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